Prep for Remembrance

With just over a week until remembrance day, thoughts turn this week to remembering Blantyre’s war dead. As usual, services will be held at Auchenitbber and at High Blantyre Cemetery.

Today, our very good friend Alex Rochead kindly placed the certificates of the Auchentibber soldiers who died in WW1, alongside the War Memorial at Parkneuk Road, High Blantyre. The laminated certificates will be there all this week to mark and remember those who died. With thanks also to Gavin Watson Printers for supplying these in previous years and great to see them being meaningfully reused each year.

For those interested in learning more about Blantyre’s fallen souls, our sister website Blantyre Project will once again be keeping our community heritage at the forefront for all by exploring further incredible stories of those brave Blantyre soldiers, who made the ultimate sacrifice all that time ago, enabling us to have the liberty we have today.

More on remembrance, later this week.

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