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Remembrance Wreath from Readers

With so many of our readers in different places throughout the world and outwith Blantyre, each year we get messages saying what can be done to include them in Blantyre’s remembrance events. So, this year, Blantyre Telegraph readers have raised money to buy a hand crafted remembrance wreath (pictured). This beautiful wreath was made with […]

Remembrance Day Video

It’s Remembrance day and we look this morning to Blantyre’s History Archives, sharing a haunting, beautiful video created by sister website, “Blantyre Project.” Please do SHARE this far and wide! This sentimental 4 minute 30 second video features photos of Blantyre people, set to an appropriate soundtrack. Not just the brave men who fought and […]

Remembrance Services & Events

Great attendance Blantyre people came out in droves to attend the two remembrance services earlier today at 3pm. Both Auchentibber War Memorial and High Blantyre Cemetery were well attended, (with up to 180 people at the latter). As families and organisations paid their respects to Blantyre’s war dead in front of TWO renovated memorials, the […]

Preparing for Remembrance

High Blantyre Cemetery Something positive! During a visit to High Blantyre Cemetery today, we were delighted to see it looking so tidy, not least because kind local people like Archie Arbuckle and John Dunsmore have been recently washing down the gravestones. However, it was the remarkable and notable improvements that especially caught our eye. This […]