Memo to the Council

C’mon South Lanarkshire Council. Blantyre deserves better than this.

By complete stark contrast to the beautiful, modern and large LED lights in High Blantyre, these red lights are back up again on Glasgow Road for another season. You know the ones. The Red lights. 1970s style that prompt a wave of compliant messages to us every year around this time. Asking if something can be collectively done to improve them.

It’s a difficult one. On one hand, Blantyre has TWO Christmas Trees and TWO sets of street lights, something no other town in Lanarkshire has and whilst thats very welcome, only the High Blantyre Main Street lights have been renewed post Millennium.

Its a subject close to our hearts with our own fundraising here and through Blantyre Oscars over the last 4 or 5 years providing partial successful funding to buy a few of the current, nicer lights on Glasgow Road. It was our small attempt at getting rid of these old red lights, but the modern features are so expensive to buy and to store. We need a proper fundraising campaign for next year.

What do YOU think of the current Blantyre Festive street lights? Any support for a public campaign next year, even if we only managed to change SOME of the festive lights?


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