P7s Visit Calderside Academy

Last night, a very successful event at Calderside Academy took place, where Primary 7 pupils of up to 8 catchment Primary schools came along to see what their forthcoming secondary school looks like.

The assembly hall at Calderside Academy was absolutely packed with hundreds of Primary 7 pupils and their parents and guardians as they listened to teachers and some of the secondary pupils explain all about the school, the subjects available and what the youngsters could expect when they step up to High School next year.

The audience was then divided into groups for guided tours of the school and sample classes were held in the classrooms, where kids experienced lessons about art, biology and languages. The event was well received and well organised.

With thanks to everybody involved. For those pupils and parents who missed this opportunity, rest assured the P7 kids will be invited back to the school in a few other sessions next year, well ahead of starting.


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