Updated Fundraising Totals

Fundraising for Blantyre good causes over the last couple of months continues to go brilliantly, with thanks to our Supporters Group subscriptions and kind public donations. Added to our overall fundraising total to date, it means Blantyre Telegraph (and its readers) have now raised a whopping £48,427 since the page started in 2011! 

Blantyre Telegraph primary purpose is to raise money for local causes and is the reason we’ve freely given up our time and effort these last 11 years, for no reward at all. Bringing you news and hopefully every now and again, you guys show some support by subscribing.

Fundraising IS making a difference. In recent weeks, amongst other things we’ve resupplied loads of sensory toys for High Blantyre Primary School, arranged Blantyre’s condolence book for Queen Elizabeth II at the Miners Welfare, paid for a residents shopping as a random surprise, made personal gifts to a resident at Flemington Care Home, put several hundred pounds into the forthcoming annual Blantyre Toy Drive, donated hundreds of pounds to MacMillan Cancer Support as well as arranging community wreaths for Blantyre’s two War Memorial and remembrance wreaths for the Anniversary of the Pit Disaster.

This is ALL possible due to our Supporters Group and kind donations received for our campaigns.

As always, not one penny is retained by us! All awards were notified at the time on our Supporters Group page. Our website has been updated with donation and award records, in the interests of full transparency here. https://theblantyretelegraph.com/raised/

As Blantyre Telegraph grows from strength to strength, we thank you for your continued interest and overwhelming support, making this possible. We’re on the lookout for a new worthwhile cause for December donations. If you want to suggest a group, organisation or individuals, please do let us know.

Want to help? Get EXTRA local and regional news here for the price of a cup of tea. Can you spare just £1.79? Simply upgrade to supporter: https://www.facebook.com/becomesupporter/271133402907727

Getting local news daily AND helping the community! Now THAT’s a winning formula!! Thanks for all your support, liking, sharing and commenting.


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