Breaking: West End Bar Closes

The West End Bar on Glasgow Road, Blantyre has in the last hour posted a message that they’re closing.

Owners Jamie and Jon have posted a message on their social media page, reprinted here as follows:

“News has now been broken and yes it is true, the west end bar as it has been for the last 5 years has now closed. What happened, what went wrong we shall now tell all!

Business started to slow down after the joy of being allowed back out following covid and the cost of living.

Since September we (Jon & I) along with our at the time other two venues were keeping the west end bar going. We hoped things would turn around and things did start to improve in November. We took a serious dip.

A decision was made on 2nd January that we would put in our notice to terminate our lease. This was something my head & heart said not to do, but for the business we had to do it. And believe me it ain’t been easy!

We have burst our arses for 4 years since we took over, introducing home deliveries, redesigning the Lounge and then of course the beer garden to allow for reopening outdoors. There isn’t one person that’s went through our doors that we haven’t helped at one time, one way or another, and we’ve came to realise there are very short memories.

What happens now?

Apologies to anyone who has booked an upcoming function with us we will be in contact over the next day or so too arrange your deposits. We are working through the diary and everyone will be contacted soon.

We will spend the next few days / weeks emptying the venue and returning it to how we were given it and the keys will handed to Lisini the landlords to reopen. When it will reopen, we are not sure. One thing we can say is you’ll see some ex employees back behind the bar managing or working.

We would like to say finally a very massive thank you to every single person who showed us support over the years but more so those who continued to when we needed you. To all our current bar staff who are coming with us, and to those who have worked for us, everyone has at one point made a mark on how the venue was run, some good some bad….

You can see all our staff at The Cosy Corner, Hamilton from today, including Nichola, Kaitlin, Karen, Donna & Ainsley. All the best Blantyre, it’s been a ball! Jamie & Jon.”

Here’s wishing Jamie & Jon all the very best and we thank them for all their hard work over the last half decade. Their dedication and the pub closing is a big loss to Blantyre.


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