Strathclyde Park Road Reopens

The road through Strathclyde Park is to re-open shortly following discussions between North Lanarkshire Council and M&Ds theme park.

The road from Raith to Motherwell has been closed off since the pandemic, allowing visitors to walk on the road and enjoy the surroundings. However, from the evening of Wednesday 15th April, the road will re-open again allowing drivers to connect from Raith to Motherwell, a move likely to increase traffic back to pre pandemic levels.

A spokesperson for the council told us, “Signage will be in place and we will be installing, over time, significant traffic calming measures to ensure that all people who use the park can be safe. It’s important that people using the park on foot are aware of the road being opened to vehicles, stay on footpaths and verges and be mindful of children.

“It is the responsibility of drivers to drive safely in the park at all times and adhere to the 15mph speed limit in force within the park.”


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