Erin Brown calling Lewis Capaldi

Here’s a little story where we urgently need your help. Local lassie Erin Brown is a HUGE Lewis Capaldi fan, listening to his music every day since 2017.

Erin who is 15 years old, has cerebral palsy would love nothing more than have Lewis wish her a happy birthday, something we hope can make happen with YOU simply sharing this post far and wide.

Sharing takes just a couple of seconds. Her mother Lisa tried this last year, though this year Erin’s post has reached many media outlets already today with thousands of shares in other places already.

Lisa added, “Lewis Capaldi, my wee girl LOVES you to pieces! The first time she’s taken a solid interest in anything was with your music. It would mean the world to Erin, if you could please, if you have time wish her a happy birthday. Erin has cerebral palsy and learning difficulties and struggles in busy places. She gets overwhelmed, scared and struggles so unfortunately will never make it to one of your concerts. She is however, definitely your number one fan. She’s the most amazing wee person on earth. Can we make her wish come true!?”

So, if you’re reading this, no matter who you are, where you are…..Let’s see how many shares and people we can collectively reach and hopefully the man himself will spot the request online!

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