Council Reminder about Tipping

South Lanarkshire Council would like to remind everyone that dumping soil and other garden waste on council or private land is still illegal. They commented in a statement,

“With the weather at long last getting everyone back out into their gardens, the council’s grounds team would like to remind everyone that even soil and other garden waste including grass and hedge cuttings being dumped on council land, including parks and nature trails, is classed as fly-tipping and not permitted. 

Councillor Robert Brown, the chair of the council’s Community and Enterprise Resources Committee said: “Our grounds services team work hard to keep our area clean of all dumped litter and rubbish.

“Unfortunately, some people are unaware that not all garden waste is easily biodegradable. Dumping soil, turf and many other types of garden waste do not actually break down quickly, creating eyesores for local residents for long periods of time.

“So we would urge everyone to use all the methods that the council provides for the safe and sensible ways of disposing of waste of all kinds.”

The food and garden waste bin (burgundy bin) can be used to dispose of grass and hedge clippings, plants and weeds, leaves and untreated/uncoloured bark and small branches. Please note however that soil is not permitted in the burgundy bins.

All of our household waste and recycling centres accept green waste along with soil. Ask the staff at your local recycling centre what skip is best to dispose of your soil waste.

If you witness fly-tipping or dumping of any kind in your local area, please report it to us using our online form.

Penalties for illegal dumping of waste carries fines from £200, as well as the potential for criminal charges and even a prison sentence for the worst offenders. 

More information on what we are doing to combat litter and fly-tipping, advice on how to report local issues, and details of how the council can help with community clean-up events are available on our fly-tipping information pages.”


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