Twitter: Reading Restrictions

Twitter has begun aggressively limiting how many tweets users can view per day. On Saturday afternoon, Elon Musk said the company would restrict unverified accounts to reading only 600 posts per day and new accounts to only 300 tweets daily. Meanwhile, Twitter will allow verified accounts to read 6,000 posts each day. For most people, that means, short of paying for Twitter Blue, they can spend about a few minutes on Twitter scrolling before encountering a “rate limit exceeded” error and being locked out of reading any further user content.

This only further confirms our decision last month to steer away from Twitter until things settle or are fixed. This latest change means it’s going to be very difficult for any business, organisation or individual to grow their audience, without having to pay for monthly blue tick verification.

Have your say. Will YOU be paying Twitter to read social media posts? A step too far or reasonable?


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