Change of Group Rules

With immediate effect, we have switched OFF anonymous posting for our Facebook Live Chat Group. 

From today, all readers will see who has posted, not just admin. Whilst anonymous posting was welcomed and handy for people not wanting to be embarrassed, in the last week the feature has been abused by an ignorant few people, pretending to be others with the intent to scam and more seriously to deliberately damage local businesses. We WON’T tolerate it as people could be scammed and in another instance, we’ve just became aware people can hide behind it to damage the reputation of local businesses. Unfortunately, this has caused us additional and unnecessary admin time.

We won’t stand by and watch people abuse the “anonymous” feature nor will we even entertain entering into correspondence about the fallout from it caused by others! This is a friendly group, run professionally and with dedication by admin and moderators, for absolutely no reward, giving up copious volumes of personal time…. just for YOU!

If anybody does want to post anonymously about something, they can message us direct, and we’ll be only too glad to help draft something suitable. Thanks for your understanding.