Twitter Rebranded

BIG changes today over at Twitter as the famous ‘blue bird brand’ and tweets are permanently dropped in favour of a new logo “X”.

The new white X on a black background has replaced the blue bird on the desktop version of the social network, although is yet to appear on the mobile app. But its coming very soon.

Other changes have recently been announced on the platform, including verification, which unless you’ve got it, will restrict the number of your posts and what you can read each day to capped amounts. As Telegraph readers will be aware, we’ve currently reduced our activity on Twitter in recent months until the brand settles. Our main websites rely on various apps and a current, efficient way of auto posting which looks at risk.

The term “Tweets” will also be dropped, according to Twitter’s owner Elon Musk, and posts will be called “x’s”. The billionaire changed his profile picture to the new logo and added “” to his Twitter bio.

Mr Musk wants to create a “super app” called X – his vision for a new kind of social media platform that he has been talking about creating for months.


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