The Coven – Embrace the Darkness

We’re exploring what spooky goings on are happening in and around Blantyre.

M&D’s at Strathclyde Park have a scary event taking place this week. During an excavation of an area at the back of M&Ds Scotland’s Theme Park in early 2023, strange markings were found on the ground, along with candles, daggers and the bones of huge unknown animals! And just like that the horror began, tales of bone chilling hags, tearing the flesh from passers by, screams of agony heard in the dead of night… WITCHES, THEY’RE BACK.

Until Tuesday 31st October 23. Tickets can be bought here on their website

The Coven experience is here. Can you embrace the darkness?

Age restrictions apply for Outbreak presents The Coven, 15 years+ (12 years+, if accompanied by a paying adult)


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