Kindness in the Ward

Local woman, Etta Morrison was a recent patient at Ward 6 in Monklands Hospital last week. Her visit thankfully went according to plan and everything was fine, with only one hiccup. Having to eat gluten free and for some reason, she got no lunch one day.

Now, that’s when a very kind trainee Polish nurse named Agata saw what was happening and that there was nothing coming from kitchen. Taking in the situation and despite not knowing Etta one of many patients, Agata gave up her time and fetched gluten free snacks which she bought with her own money! Etta, who was most grateful tired to offer payment, but Agata wouldn’t take any money. This is truly going above and beyond.

We’ve since learned Agata lives in Blantyre and not intending to embarrass her in any way, both Etta and ourselves think the is worthy of a call out for her incredible kindness. It actually moved Etta to tears and she wants to say thanks here.

Agata, you ARE an angel and the world needs more lovely people like you. if you’re reading this, please do get in touch by messenger or in the comments. Thanks.



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  1. Great to know there are still caring people in this crazy world.
    Very bad marks on Monklands though.
    Thank you Agata for taking care of an old Beech Place neighbour.
    I think more than worthy of a voucher.
    Hope you are well Etta! Best wishes.

    1. I used to stay in beech place good times

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