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Kindness in the Ward

Local woman, Etta Morrison was a recent patient at Ward 6 in Monklands Hospital last week. Her visit thankfully went according to plan and everything was fine, with only one hiccup. Having to eat gluten free and for some reason, she got no lunch one day. Now, that’s when a very kind trainee Polish nurse […]

Act of Kindness

Local woman, Alisha Brankin is trying to trace a kind, male stranger who helped her at a time of need. On Thursday evening, Alisha, who is disabled, fell at the corner of Winton Crescent in Blantyre near the junction of Boswell Drive. Though her friend was with her, they struggled a little as Alisha had […]

Paths Cleared by Kindness

Hearing more stories of local kindness during these icy conditions. People out and about helping others. A big shout out goes to Alan Wigglesworth of High Blantyre. Alan is a local pensioner who has gone out his way twice now during this bad weather to clear all the snow and ice from his neighbours paths! […]

Assistance to Elderly man

Today’s story about local kindness during this health pandemic is about local lady, Sarah -Jayne Keenan. Sarah-Jayne was in Asda recently. Beside her in one of the aisles, there was an elderly gentleman who was deaf and he started to sign towards her. He was looking for hand-wash. Sarah-Jayne seeing there was none in the […]

Brolly Good Show!

At times like these, we need stories about simple kindness to others and this is one. Earlier today, in the midst of heavy rain, a kind lady appeared at Victoria Street and started handing out umbrellas to people queuing at the Chemists from the boot of car. The woman produced numerous umbrellas from her car […]

Random Act of Kindness

A local lady has asked us to post this message about a good deed. She told us, “Two wonderfully kind Blantyre men helped my 4 year old son Ben and I met this morning in the Family Shopper store in High Blantyre. I believe their names may be Trevor and Thomas.” The lady was in […]

Helping the Homeless

How heartwarming this next story is, especially at this time of year. Yesterday, Saturday 22nd December 2018, local girl Taylor Kennedy and her mother, Andrea Fulston made up bundles of bags containing useful items for homeless people. Bags including socks, hats, gloves, first aid kits, toiletries, sanitary products, sandwiches, snacks, water, dog food etc. Then, […]