Assistance to Elderly man

Today’s story about local kindness during this health pandemic is about local lady, Sarah -Jayne Keenan.

Sarah-Jayne was in Asda recently. Beside her in one of the aisles, there was an elderly gentleman who was deaf and he started to sign towards her. He was looking for hand-wash.

Sarah-Jayne seeing there was none in the store, decided to call ‘Family Shopper’ on Main Street to check if they had any and seeing they did, she confirmed back to the man, by writing on a note.

The pair started conversing in writing and he wrote back he didn’t know where Family Shopper was. So, Sarah-Jayne drew him a map and he wrote back, he would find his way.

As they parted, Sarah -Jayne couldn’t just leave with him possibly not getting soap or handwash, so she phoned her friend, Sara Firth explaining the situation and Sara instantly drove to Asda. The ladies then drive the man to Family Shopper, getting him his handwash and even dropped him off back at his home!

The man was extremely grateful, hugging and kissing and thanking them. Sarah – Jayne told us, “He was just the kindest old Gent who was going to go without all because of crazy panic buying.”

A heartwarming story. Well done Sarah-Jayne and Sara.

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