Healthy Hounds Dog Walking Services

Local business, Healthy Hounds are making a promise to help support the community, local businesses and the emergency services during these difficult times.

They told us, “We are absolutely amazed by the hero’s working in our NHS and emergency services. They dont get a day off and we want to give something back to them during the chaos.

All blue lights service workers can contact Healthy Hounds for a discount.

For those that are vulnerable, isolating or still having to work and are unable to care for their dog – we are here for you.

We will be working everyday through this pandemic collecting dogs for walks and grooms. We will ensure there is NO CONTACT with humans and the HIGHEST STANDARDS of cleanliness.


Contactless Dog Walking – If you are self isolating, leave your dog in the garden for us to collect, walk and return.

Isolation Dog Grooming – We can collect, groom and drop your dog off in your home or garden.

Dog Supplies – We can deliver dog food, toys, tools and medicine/prescriptions with free delivery. All requests welcome. I

We will be providing these services across Blantyre, Hamilton and Uddingston.

And once again, we thank our paramedics, nurses, doctors, police officers, prison officers and hospital staff for their dedication and support during this tough time.


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