Brolly Good Show!

At times like these, we need stories about simple kindness to others and this is one.

Earlier today, in the midst of heavy rain, a kind lady appeared at Victoria Street and started handing out umbrellas to people queuing at the Chemists from the boot of car.

The woman produced numerous umbrellas from her car and gave them to those Blantyre people waiting patiently in the long line at Boots Chemist Blantyre today, Tuesday 17 March 2020.

Whilst on this subject, here’s also a big shout out to the staff in Boots and all other local Chemists too, working beyond their shifts to make sure people get their medication. Many people would be lost without those stars. Be kind and patient to health workers folks. They’re going above and beyond just now, just like the umbrella lady!

Have YOU got a story about local kindness in these unprecedented times? Please drop us a message. With thanks to Lee B for this story.

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