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Coatshill Garden Prowler

A Blantyre resident awoke this morning Wednesday 12 August 2020 to discover somebody had been in her garden. The woman heard a disturbance between 1am and 1.30am last night during the early hours of Wednesday which sounded like somebody trying her door handle in Coatshill Avenue. When she looked out her window, she couldn’t see […]

Received Packs of Seeds?

Receive additional content like this by upgrading to become a SUPPORTER on the Blantyre Telegraph page. Significant numbers of Scottish households have been receiving unsolicited packets of seeds in the post from China/Singapore as part of a likely scam. Following contact with Scottish Government, it urges those receiving seeds to take the following actions. • […]

Buddy back home!

Blantyre Telegraph reader Simon Farnell wanted to say thanks to two guys who looked after his dog after it escaped. His dog Buddy escaped out the gate yesterday, Sunday 9th August 2020 near Stonefield Road. Simon added, “Just wanted to say thank you to the two guys who looked after my dog Buddy who was […]

Facemask Exemptions – Scotland

Some people in Scotland are not required to wear a face covering in indoor settings. These exemptions include: Babies, toddler and children under 5 years of age, due to the possibility of overheating, suffocation and strangulation and they are safe without one. police constables or emergency response workers such as paramedics acting in the course […]