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A Thank You

We’re trying to track down a good Samaritan who came to the assistance of a local lady this morning, Saturday 24 July 2021. Reader Lynne Orbino suffers from FND (Functional Neurological Disorder) and unfortunately she fell out of her car and into the middle of the road, whilst trying to get to her walking stick. […]

Upgrade to Supporter

Instantly unlock the full picture for Blantyre News by accessing all our extra articles. Blantyre News, Alerts, Crime Stories and lots more! Join hundreds of local people using this service to support good causes. Here’s just some of the extra hidden articles you’ll have missed last week if you haven’t yet clicked the “Support Now” […]

‘Outlander’ TV Show is hiring!

Sixteen trainee positions are up for grabs on the filming of hit series ‘Outlander’. The positions are for an assistant director, video assistant, props, SFX, post production and greens. The website states that trainees will be paid salaries between £514.60 and £537.15 per week plus holiday entitlement, for between 50 and 57.5 hours per week, […]

Coronavirus Update

The Scottish Government has met this morning and have issued a statement to help avoid speculation on what is coming. However, the cabinet has not reached final decisions yet on what possible further restrictions could be coming. They are meeting again tomorrow morning with an announcement expected tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. Scotland faces a sharp rise […]

Upgrade to Supporter

Don’t Miss a Thing! We’re off to an AMAZING start with our new Supporters news service. Throughout the last 2 weeks, Blantyre Telegraph ‘Supporters’ on Facebook have accessed Breaking News, Crime Stories and lots of additional local content. If you’re not a Supporter yet, here’s just SOME of the stories in the last week you […]

Coatshill Garden Prowler

A Blantyre resident awoke this morning Wednesday 12 August 2020 to discover somebody had been in her garden. The woman heard a disturbance between 1am and 1.30am last night during the early hours of Wednesday which sounded like somebody trying her door handle in Coatshill Avenue. When she looked out her window, she couldn’t see […]