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Expressway Near miss

The subject of drivers going up the WRONG direction on the East Kilbride Expressway once again returns after a concerning incident this week. Following extensive campaigns in previous years by readers of Blantyre Telegraph, many improvements were made to the sliproads to improve the safety of drivers and lessen any risk of accident. However, on […]

On the Phone

A reader who wishes to remain anonymous writes, “What do you make of this? Somebody thinks it’s a good idea to pull over and park on the EK Expressway slipway road to answer their phone. I caught this driver earlier in the week right at the end of the slip lane, parked, on the phone […]

Accident on EK Expressway

Another accident. A bad vehicle accident has occurred on the A725 East Kilbride Expressway, just before 10am this morning, Tuesday 21 January 2020. As of 10.20am, emergency services are in attendance. The accident is heading up the Expressway towards the Whirlies, after the High Blantyre sliproad, but closer to the Whirlies Roundabout. It appears a […]

Hamilton Road Drainage Work

A notorious location for flooding is currently being worked on at High Blantyre. Hamilton Road adjacent to Greenhall Park currently has contractors working during daylight hours on the verge to install new drainage. The road at this location, turning into Stoneymeadow Road has been prone to flooding at times of heavy rainfall for many years. […]

A725 Vehicle Accident

There’s been a vehicle accident on the A725 East Kilbride Expressway between Blantyre and Raith, today Sunday 22 September 2019. It would appear 2 cars are involved. Emergency services were attending at 1.30pm. We’re hearing reports that the traffic is queued. Best avoid meantime. We hope everybody involved is ok.

Sliproad Shocker

This was the dangerous scene today, Monday 2nd September 2019 just after midday as yet another driver drove up the wrong direction of the Expressway sliproad! This is clearly still happening often and we can’t begin to describe how dangerous it is for everybody involved. Cars coming off the EK Expressway had to brake hard […]