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A725 Vehicle Accident

There’s been a vehicle accident on the A725 East Kilbride Expressway between Blantyre and Raith, today Sunday 22 September 2019. It would appear 2 cars are involved. Emergency services were attending at 1.30pm. We’re hearing reports that the traffic is queued. Best avoid meantime. We hope everybody involved is ok.

Sliproad Shocker

This was the dangerous scene today, Monday 2nd September 2019 just after midday as yet another driver drove up the wrong direction of the Expressway sliproad! This is clearly still happening often and we can’t begin to describe how dangerous it is for everybody involved. Cars coming off the EK Expressway had to brake hard […]

Ride for Reform

Bikers are invited to come along to an organised memorial event on Sunday 18th August 2019 to remember Allan Nicholson, who sadly died on the EK Expressway last year. The group hope people will come along to take part in completing the trip Allan was making, but never got to finish. There will also be […]

A725 Expressway Accident

Please take care on the westbound A725 East Kilbride Expressway (heading up to EK) Opposite the High Blantyre slip, around 8pm this evening, Sunday 11 August 2019, a burgundy car came off the road and is amongst the trees. The location has a dip in the Expressway which is very badly flooded, perhaps contributing to […]

Sentencing for A725 ‘Wrong Direction’ driver

A man has appeared in court admitting to causing the death of motorcyclist Allan Nicholson on the East Kilbride Expressway on November 10, 2018. 35-year-old father, William McLean admitted snorting five lines of cocaine five hours before getting into his vehicle and travelling in the wrong direction on the A725 East Kilbride Expressway at Blantyre, […]

Planned Sliproad Improvements

You may remember in March and April this year we ran a major campaign on and offline for improvement of the two Blantyre sliproads which lead on and off the A725 East Kilbride Expressway. This followed multiple instances of vehicle drivers dangerously travelling in the WRONG direction on the busy East Kilbride Expressway, which sadly […]

Accident! EK Expressway

A car has come off the A725, East Kilbride Expressway just beyond Low Blantyre at the Craighead exit. At 1.40pm, today Sunday 28 April 2019, the accident is affecting traffic coming on to the Expressway. Emergency services (Ambulance and Police) are now in attendance with flow of traffic slightly affected. Best avoid if you can. […]

Douglas Street Roadworks

Some disruption should be expected at High Blantyre’s Douglas Street as roadworks get underway for the next 9 weeks. Safety and reducing queuing times are very much on the agenda with the creation of a dedicated left hand lane, as pictured. Work by MacClay Civil Engineering Ltd also includes the widening of the road and […]