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A reader who wishes to remain anonymous writes, “What do you make of this? Somebody thinks it’s a good idea to pull over and park on the EK Expressway slipway road to answer their phone. I caught this driver earlier in the week right at the end of the slip lane, parked, on the phone and causing problems for traffic coming from behind!”

This may indeed be an isolated, one off incident but with focus on safety on that sliproad in recent months, and given improvements were recently made, it seems mindless to put others at risk, for the sake of a call, and especially so when a safe, quiet carpark is nearby at Greenhall in foreground.

Have your say? Have you seen this happen before?

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  1. I also saw a car stop in exactly the same place on Saturday 14/3/20. Looked like someone test driving a car and decided to stop there to swap drivers. So dangerous as they were obstructing my view trying to come out of Greenhall.

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