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Exclusive: Stolen Purse wrong made right

We were saddened to learn yesterday, that there was one minor upset at last Saturday’s excellent Gala Day. Unfortunately, whilst 3,000 – 3,500 people of our community came together and had fun in the sun, one lowlife individual decided to rob the purse of a 15 year old volunteer. As this young lady from Blantyre […]

Exclusive: Seven days until Blantyre’s Gala

Blantyre is hosting their largest most exciting gala day in recent years. The Blantyre Community Committee have teamed up with the staff at the National Trust combining their events expertise, to host a spectacular gala day at David Livingstone Cente grounds on Saturday 27th June 2015. The activities commence at 11am from Blantyre Miner’s Welfare […]

Exclusive: Beer Tent coming to Blantyre Gala Day

With just 16 days left until the hottest date in Blantyre’s Calendar, “Blantyre Summer Gala”, the countdown is now on!! Every day before the 27th June, we’ll be bringing you a FANTASTIC reason to attend and show you all what Blantyre Community Committee has¬†organised just for YOU! FREE entry, the gala day is on Saturday […]