Exclusive: Stolen Purse wrong made right

ladies-purse-2We were saddened to learn yesterday, that there was one minor upset at last Saturday’s excellent Gala Day. Unfortunately, whilst 3,000 – 3,500 people of our community came together and had fun in the sun, one lowlife individual decided to rob the purse of a 15 year old volunteer. As this young lady from Blantyre kindly gave up her own time to volunteer, somebody sneakily, without permission went into her bag removing £40 in cash, a young scot card and house key! The young lady was upset and shocked and the incident ruined the big day she had been looking forward to.

We have respected the family’s privacy who wish to remain anonymous in this article, but simply couldn’t leave things like that. As you’re aware Blantyre Telegraph raises money for good causes. Tonight, Blantyre Telegraph met with the local family and donated the entire £40 loss directly back in cash, along with an extra £10 to buy a new purse and a new key cut. We were only able to do this due to the ongoing June sales of the Blantyre Telegraph newspaper. (so thanks if it was you who has downloaded a copy!) It seemed the right thing to do, to make everything well again. The young lady, who was shocked and upset at the time of the theft, graciously accepted the gift with thanks to Blantyre Telegraph’s readers, a sentiment shared by her appreciative parents.

Theft of money from a teenage volunteer. Truly a lowlife thing to do. We hope the culprit is found. The matter was reported to police who are investigating.


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