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Lights out at Philips

It’s the end of the road for one of Hamilton’s most iconic businesses as Philips Lighting announces it will close its doors after 72 years. The business at Wellhall Road has 70 workers, significantly down from thousands of employees at its peak several decades ago. Management made the announcement to staff last Thursday with the […]

Sky Bills due to rise

Sky have today announced TV, phone and broadband charges are set to rise in April 2019. Whilst an annual increase is not largely unexpected, this years looks set to be over 5%, which for many people could an an average of £8 per month on their sky bills. Sky said it will be writing to […]

Hamilton…. ‘a ghost town’

This was the desolate scene at 2.15pm on Tuesday 4th December 2018 in Hamilton Town Centre. Devoid of shoppers, of festive atmosphere, lacking shops that were actually open in the middle of the afternoon…and so close to Christmas!  The scene will be unfamiliar to those who will remember shopping here in previous decades and there’s […]