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Mess at the Calder

It’s disappointing to see a few people are still leaving their trash at the Calder despite all the efforts being made to improve our outdoor beauty spots. Look at this mess, just left lying around discarded at Milheugh this weekend. One again, the idiotic, selfishness of a few people when the sun comes out, has […]

Lack of Respect for Outdoor Code

As with Friday, the sunshine once again brought large groups of youths out to the Calder again yesterday, Saturday 30 May 2020. Groups of around 50 teenagers met near the falls and once again left the place in a disgusting mess, deciding not to bag any litter. Broken glass bottles in and around the river […]

Calder Mess!

What a mess at the Calder today! Several people have contacted us today about this new mess. As refuse tips remain closed, more and more instances of blatant fly tipping are occurring in rural area all around Blantyre. This was the scene today, Saturday 9th May 2020 at the Calder next to Milheugh Bridge. Somebody […]

Flood Alert!

The weather is pretty abysmal today as you’ll likely know. Widespread flooding is commonplace all over Central Scotland. In Blantyre, please take care at the Calder, where the River has burst its banks, the area is very marshy and in places, downright dangerous. Some of the heaviest forecasted rainfall is still to happen later this […]

More Fly Tipping

Unfortunately, there’s been more fly tipping at the Calder. This time whoever did it took time to dump their bags (and bedroom furniture) over the new railings, put there to prevent this sort of lowlife activity. Wasting the beautiful woodland for everybody. No moral fibre. Costing YOU more in council tax. Photo Courtesy: McCue

Rewards for Blantyre Hero

You may recall yesterday we covered a story about an unknown hero who saved a Springer Spaniel (Cosmo) in the River Calder near the Milheugh Falls, whilst it was flowing in full spate. Well, the mystery man has been identified! Blantyre’s latest hero is…. Mr Dougie Stevenson, pictured here. Dougie has been a little shy […]