Lack of Respect for Outdoor Code

As with Friday, the sunshine once again brought large groups of youths out to the Calder again yesterday, Saturday 30 May 2020.

Groups of around 50 teenagers met near the falls and once again left the place in a disgusting mess, deciding not to bag any litter. Broken glass bottles in and around the river presenting a hazard for dog walkers.

We’ve learned that not all these youngsters are from Blantyre. Taxis have arrived yesterday with teenagers from Cambuslang, choosing the woodland in Blantyre to party in the sun with little to no regard for social distancing and breaking lockdown rules of no larger groups than 8 people from 2 households.

We fully understand that kids need their fun and its noted not all are disruptive, but there are two important aspects to this story.

  1. The litter they choose to leave for others to clear up.
  2. The lack of respect of outdoor code.

Earlier this morning, as with yesterday, local volunteers again cleaned up loads of littler, bagging it all in the heat, on their own weekend time, just to keep the place nice and tidy.

Another concern was the fact that some of the youngsters yesterday left field gates open. Cows that were grazing escaped and it took many hours for two hard working farmer families who live nearby to get the animals back! Clearly that’s not on!

Police are now aware of the groups and intend to continue patrolling the area.

Please consider our beautiful areas at all times. You shouldn’t need to be anywhere near farmers field gates or entrances. Take bin bags with you if you’re meeting up with friends. Bag it. Bin it. Thanks.


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