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Have you seen this cat?

This local cat, Meewsli, has been missing since Tuesday morning. She is microchipped and has gone missing from Woodburn Avenue, Blantyre. She was knocked down on Station Road a few years ago so naturally her owners are very worried. She’s 6.5 years old, very fluffy with brown/tan tortoiseshell colouring. If you’ve seen her, please leave […]

Have you seen Shadow?

Has anybody seen “Shadow?” This female cat is currently missing from Kirkton Avenue, High Blantyre and her owners are concerned. She’s been missing since half 7 last night, Wednesday 22nd June which is unusual and not came home since. She’s neutered and chipped but she’s frightened of people so won’t go near anyone. If anybody […]

Lost Your Cat?

This black and white cat has been visiting Cowan Wilson Avenue, Blantyre this week. The resident thinks the cat may be lost. The cat is safe, being fed and is sleeping over in a warm hutch, so is safe too. An appeal goes out to try and find the owner, likely in Blantyre itself. If […]

Anybody seen this Cat?

A Blantyre cat is missing and the owners are concerned. Have you see this cat? He went missing at 8am yesterday. His name is Edwin and he’s been indoors since the owners got him. He’s really scared of going out and frightened easily when he hears people talking. This is out of character for him […]