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Anybody lost a Cat?

Anybody know who this cat belongs to? Have you lost this animal? This feline has been safe in a local woman’s home in Blantyre the last few days and looks like she needs treatment. (not life threatening). When put outside to send on her way, the cat just sits on the window ledge wanting back […]

Cat Run Over

**Contains Upsetting Content ** A little cat, sadly looks like its been run over is lying dead at the side of the road at Springwells. It’s on the grassy verge across from Dunns. It is black with white markings on its neck, chest and paws. It’s been there a few days now. Just in case […]

Have you seen Felix?

Have you seen this cat anywhere in Blantyre? Felix has been missing now for 2 weeks, which is unusual and owners are getting worried. Missing from Sutherland Street, High Blantyre. He’s chipped and the end of his tail 4-5″ has fur missing and is quite sore looking. The cats 4 paws are all white.