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Have you seen Elvis?

A Blantyre cat is missing! ‘Elvis’ hasn’t been seen since 8:30am, Tuesday 28th May. His owner told us, ” It’s not like him, not to come home for food and a sleep. In the Blantyre area. Please check all out buildings for him. He’s wearing a red velvet collar and he’s chipped.” Please share.

Deceased Ginger Cat

Sadly, a deceased ginger and white cat has been observed on the East Kilbride Expressway. The animal is lying beside the central reservation at High Blantyre, not far from the slip entrance. The cat will be difficult to retrieve safely without the assistance of authorities. We thought we’d post just in case somebody is missing […]

Have you seen Lola?

This beautiful cat has gone missing from a family home in Coatshill. Lola was last seen at Christmas and did not come home yesterday which was very out of character. She went missing from Carlowrie Avenue. She’s dressed and chipped and owner Jamie Nisbet is very concerned. Can you please share and comment below if […]

Cat Back with Owners

Missing cat found Remember this little cat who went missing from the Village last Saturday? We posted about him being missing yesterday. The cat is now back with owners, but sadly looks as though he was hit by traffic. He is in hospital but the owners say, thankfully he is expected to make a recovery. […]