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Further Vehicle Break Ins

Following vehicle break ins and a subsequent arrest 2 nights ago at Hazelwood Drive, last night saw copycat breakins to more vehicles on the same street! Around 8.30pm last night, a man broke into a woman’s parked car on Hazelwood Drive, Wheatlands, Blantyre. She told us, “He gained access to the driver door.” The man […]

Bizarre Activity Ends in Arrest

A reminder goes out tonight to keep vehicle doors locked after some bizarre criminal activity resulted in the arrest of a male. Earlier this evening, Sunday 12 January 2020, a woman in Hazelwood Drive, Blantyre answered her doorbell to find a man standing there suggesting he was “here to repossess her Vauxhall Car”. The problem […]

Carnage at Hazelwood Drive

The relative peace and quiet of the Wheatlands Housing Esatate, Blantyre was shattered this morning, when a stolen vehicle rammed several parked residents cars. The idiot thief driving the stolen car lost control of it at Hazelwood Drive, around 8am, around a time when many children would have been heading out to school, especially around […]