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Homeless by Drew Semple

We bring the weekend to a close showcasing some local talent and on a serious note. Local musician, Drew Semple who owns Candelina Yankee Store on Stonefield Road, has written and performed his new song, “Homeless” which features this moving and touching video. He’s kindly permitted it to be shown here. Chances are you’re at […]

Homeless Project Scotland

Well done to “Homeless Project Scotland” who this week took time out to visit the unit at High Blantyre Main Street and cut their long grass. Like other grassy areas in Blantyre it had become very overgrown. Efforts are appreciated. Cutting grass so long can be very hard work, often needing cut a couple of […]

Kelly Family’s Silent Quest

The Kelly family in Blantyre were busy in the run up to Christmas, but not for themselves. Their focus was very much on other less fortunate. Debbie, Martin, Hannah & Derek Kelly who all live in Holmswood Avenue, have been going out the last 5 years into Glasgow handing out blankets, jackets and dry clothes […]

Helping the Homeless

How heartwarming this next story is, especially at this time of year. Yesterday, Saturday 22nd December 2018, local girl Taylor Kennedy and her mother, Andrea Fulston made up bundles of bags containing useful items for homeless people. Bags including socks, hats, gloves, first aid kits, toiletries, sanitary products, sandwiches, snacks, water, dog food etc. Then, […]