Helping the Homeless

How heartwarming this next story is, especially at this time of year.

Yesterday, Saturday 22nd December 2018, local girl Taylor Kennedy and her mother, Andrea Fulston made up bundles of bags containing useful items for homeless people. Bags including socks, hats, gloves, first aid kits, toiletries, sanitary products, sandwiches, snacks, water, dog food etc.

Then, whilst others were out shopping, kind hearted Taylor and her friend Denby Mclaren walked around Glasgow for 5 hours speaking to loads of homeless people, getting to know them and giving out the bags.

Taylor added, “It was amazing to see their faces light up as we gave them these essentials. We then dropped off a few bits and bobs we had left over at the free night shelter which is open from 1st December – 31st March. They’re trying to raise money to purchase a double decker bus to transform it into a safe shelter for homeless people all year round.”

It is wonderful to see what ‘Help The Homeless’ Glasgow Team do. She added, “I will be definitely helping out more often.

Andrea Fulston, Taylor’s mother told us today, “I’m really proud of Taylor and her friend. They both enjoyed speaking to everyone out there.”

Thanks you to all the people who donated to help the ladies achieve this!


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