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Incinerator Appeal Withdrawn!

Just after 4pm today, Thursday 30th May 2019, it was announced that ‘Clean Power Ltd’, who had proposed a controversial Incinerator on our doorsteps at Whistleberry have officially withdrawn their appeal. The withdrawal effectively ends attempts at creating a waste facility at that location at that large scale, resulting in a victory for the local […]

Exclusive: Whistleberry Incinerator gets the go ahead

The Scottish Government yesterday gave the go-ahead for a Biomass Incinerator Plant to be built on the fringes of Blantyre. Clean Power Properties controversial proposal was for a £50m biomass pyrolysis-type incinerator (8MW Advanced Combustion Technology Facility) intended to treat “Mixed Source Waste (MSW) and Commercial and Industrial (C&I), i.e the burning of waste to create […]