Exclusive: Whistleberry Incinerator gets the go ahead

The Scottish Government yesterday gave the go-ahead for a Biomass Incinerator Plant to be built on the fringes of Blantyre.

Clean Power Properties controversial proposal was for a £50m biomass pyrolysis-type incinerator (8MW Advanced Combustion Technology Facility) intended to treat “Mixed Source Waste (MSW) and Commercial and Industrial (C&I), i.e the burning of waste to create energy to be built at the Whistlberry site near the CAT factory, on the site of former Auchenraith House.

The 2013 plans were immediately fought against by protestors in the local area and nearby Whitehill and a total of 541 objections were lodged, given proximity to nearby residents. Actually, the protestors won their case, led by Hamilton Energy Recovery Action Group (HERAG) and on 27th May 2014 South Lanarkshire REFUSED permission for the incinerator to be built! A Victory for the protestors at that point. However, the power company appealed, and yesterday The Scottish Government , on the back of having to reach energy targets, OVERTURNED the council’s decision and decided that the project WILL go ahead after all.

This is one of Blantyre’s few remaining green spaces on what was once the beautiful Auchinraith estate. It would appear our town is being hemmed in, surrounded by many different sources of renewable energy. Whilst renewables are supported by many residents, this site is only 83m from a travellers site and 250m from residents. Questions and concerns about noise, pollution and the matter actually being burned, remain at the forefront of local people’s minds.

Photo of incinerator site by Blantyre Telegraph. Have your say…..


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