Exclusive: Greenhall Bat Watch Success!

Never one to miss a free Blantyre event, Blantyre Telegraph attended the Greenhall Bat Watch on the evening of Friday 14th August 2015. At 8.45pm, fourteen local people met in the carpark, and set off with the South Lanarkshire Countryside Rangers to see if any bats could be spotted. It was still light, so the guides gave everybody some good information about bats and the type we could expect to see. As twilight fell in Greenhall Park, the party set off up the road and into the woods, armed with torches and bat monitors, which detect the echo radar signals bats emit.

The night was clear and the rain stayed off. Lasting just over an hour, we were thrilled (just as much as the kids in the group were!), to see so many bats. Many were spotted on the evening and the equipment worked well, giving out loud flappy noises when bats could be found overhead. The Countryside Rangers conducted their survey and a fun and informative time was had by all. Another bat watch is planned later this month at the David Livingstone Centre. Photos by Andrea Oakes and Blantyre Telegraph.


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