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Lost Your Dog?

This wee chap was found wandering outside this morning, Sunday 28th June 2020 with no collar on. He looked lost. A lady in Hillview Drive took the dog inside to ensure he’s safe until the owner can be found. He seems safe and content. Anybody recognise him? Please share. The pet can be reclaimed from […]

Lost Your Dog?

This wee dog was found this morning around 9.30am wandering the streets looking lost. It has been taken into a home for safety until the owner can be traced. Anybody know whose dog it is? if so, please comment below and the finder will be in touch.

Lost your Dog?

Anybody lost their pet in Blantyre? This dog was seen wandering around the Coatshill area, looking scared of traffic. That was yesterday, Wednesday 12th September 2019. (Apologies we missed the message). Posting just in case the dog is still lost so owners know of the sighting.

Cat at the Expressway

We’re sorry to report that there’s a ginger kitten lying dead at the side of the EK Expressway at High Blantyre. It’s on the A725 verge, just before the Blantyre cut off at the Auchinraith Roundabout (as if you’re coming from EK). It’s in a dangerous place for retrieval but we thought we’d post to […]