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Memorial Lettering Restored

There’s a nice story we shouldn’t overlook this week. Last week on 22nd October, it was the anniversary of the Pit Disaster in Blantyre, when in 1877, some 215 local men and boys sadly died. The Anniversary prompted several tributes and respectful articles online. One such fitting tribute however, was offline when two local men […]

Remembering Blantyre’s Miners

Blantyre Pit Disaster Anniversary Hope this is interesting and shares far and wide. As we all go about our business this morning, here in Blantyre we remember another much more tragic and gloomy morning exactly 142 years ago. One, which claimed the lives of 215 men and boys, wiping out around 6% of Blantyre’s entire […]

Planned Tour of Blantyre Pit Disaster Site

Blantyre Heritage Group Secretary, Gordon Cook is hosting a tour and talk of the site of the Blantyre disaster. Gordon has very kindly agreed to do this and and the (above ground!) tour commences on Wednesday, 18th of November from 11.00am. The tour will commence at Priestfield Car Park on High Blantyre Main Street and involve […]