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Alert: Garden Prowler

Alerts about crime are normally reserved only for our Supporters Group, but given this has just happened and we received a couple of messages about it, the person may still be in the area and so we’re posting here. A Garden prowler has been spotted in Gordon Terrace, Priory Bridge tonight Thursday 16th December just […]

Coatshill Garden Intruder

Several residents this morning in Coatshill were alarmed to see an uninvited male in their back gardens. The man, in his 20’s was wearing a red hoodie and spotted prowling in gardens around 11am today, Thursday 20 February near the start of Morven Avenue. The man burst through side gates of one property and was […]

Nighttime Prowler Caught!

These dark nights can usually appeal to thieves going out in the middle of the night. However, last night it all went wrong for a man, who was caught by police prowling around gardens. The man was observed during the early hours of this morning, Friday 8th November 2019 snooping around gardens in Fernslea Avenue, […]

Prowler at Devondale Avenue

A woman saw an intruder in her back garden last night in Coatshill. This follows a similar incident the night before in a nearby area. This time, on evening of Sunday 24 March 2019, a female resident of Devondale Avenue, Coatshill was concerned by her dog suddenly “going nuts”, barking. She went to her back […]

House Prowler Arrested!

Some good news! Police have made an arrest this morning, apprehending a male who had been attempting to break into homes in this area. Around 7.00am this morning, Saturday 19 January 2019 a lady spotted a man lurking around outside her window at Winton Crescent, Blantyre. The man was observed trying to break into her […]

Prowler at Viewfield Avenue

A prowler was disturbed last night snooping around homes in the Village, Blantyre. Around 9pm on the evening of Thursday 17 January 2019, a man was seen trying to gain entry illegally into houses in Viewfield Avenue. He was observed by a passing dog walker trying door handles. The dog walker informed people nearby in […]