House Prowler Arrested!

Some good news! Police have made an arrest this morning, apprehending a male who had been attempting to break into homes in this area.

Around 7.00am this morning, Saturday 19 January 2019 a lady spotted a man lurking around outside her window at Winton Crescent, Blantyre. The man was observed trying to break into her home through the window. He was dressed in black and matched the description of the person who has been reported trying to break into other homes this week.

Alarmed, she was just about to call police, when something strange happened. The police suddenly appeared BEHIND the man and apprehended him actually caught in the act of breaking in. He was promptly arrested and taken to the Police Station.

We asked the lady, who wishes to remain anonymous if she was ok and she replied, “I’m glad he’s been caught. I’m fine. I was a bit scared but glad I had a large dog who woke me up by barking.”

It appears the police had been observing this individuals and were choosing their moment for arrest. We’re glad progress has been made in keeping people and their belongings safe. Well done them!

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