Vehicle Tyres Slashed!

Brainless neds caused thousands of pounds worth of damage last night to vehicles in various Blantyre Streets, prompting an immediate police investigation.

Sometime during the evening of Friday 18 January 2019, idiots slashed the tyres on at least 4 vehicles on Auchinraith Road and at least another 4 on Anford Terrace. They caused widespread damage and leaving some people unable to go to work, as several tyres on each vehicle were targeted.

Total damage is estimated to be a four figure sum with at least 14 tyres (that we know of so far!) having to be replaced including the requirement for mobile recovery or repair vehicles! The damage has been done by a sharp blade or instrument.

All photos here are of the actual damage.

Police have been called. The vandalism is being treated as a crime and is especially of serious concern as it appears somebody was carrying a knife, a crime itself attracting jail sentences. Residential window CCTV is being examined. A gang of youths were observed at the park between Victoria Street and Craig Street. Police are now investigating and we’re sure they’ll be able to catch these lowlifes.

We’ll update you more on this story once further details can be provided from official sources.


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