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Tyres Dumped at Sydes Brae

A council team has today removed almost 100 tyres illegally dumped by the roadside in Blantyre. Now, local people are being asked to help identify the culprits whose actions could have had fatal consequences for road users on Sydes Brae.  Alistair McKinnon, Head of Facilities, Waste and Ground Services described the incident as ‘illegal dumping […]

Tyre Mess at Flemington

This is just part of the scene at Flemington this weekend as lowlives dumped tyres at the side of the road. A further load was tipped nearby last night. The mess has appeared in one of the nicest beauty spots in the area, dumped with absolutely no regard for others or the environment. Photo Courtesy: […]

Tyres Dumped at Redlees

What a mess! A massive load of tyres have been dumped at Redlees Park, Blantyre. The unsightly scene completely destroys the scenic beauty of this popular area with the tyres dumped in difficult to reach places, like deep within hedges. These lowlifes need caught. It’s happening far too often! This latest spate of illegal fly […]

Vehicle Tyres Slashed!

Brainless neds caused thousands of pounds worth of damage last night to vehicles in various Blantyre Streets, prompting an immediate police investigation. Sometime during the evening of Friday 18 January 2019, idiots slashed the tyres on at least 4 vehicles on Auchinraith Road and at least another 4 on Anford Terrace. They caused widespread damage […]

Tyres Dumped at Auchentibber

Once again, Auchentibber Road is the scene for illegal dumping of Tyres! This latest fly tipping has seen dozens of tyres tipped at the entrance to Auchentibber Farm, which had recently been tidied up. Fly tipping in this area in recent years has been rife. If you see anybody fly tipping, get their registration, a […]