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Temporary Traffic Lights

Temporary traffic lights are causing some minor delays at rush hour on Station Road, the Station entrance and the corner of Farm Road. The lights, set up this week over the railway bridge are causing minor queues on what is already a busy a road, but are expected to be away shortly. Photo Courtesy: Blantyre […]

Station Road Youth Disorder

Fighting broke out in a Blantyre street last night during the early evening of Monday 17th September 2019. Police were called as a group of a dozen teenagers, (male and female) were involved in disorder at Station Road near the entrance to David Livingstone Centre. A video, passed to police by others is circulating online […]

Station Road Damaged

This was the scene around 8pm last night, Saturday 03 August 2019 as residents reported seeing the tarmac surface of Station Road cracking. The road next to the entrance of David Livingstone Centre is badly damaged, one resident suggesting it may have been by lightning. Another commented that the heavy rain last night looks to […]

Looking for Pet Owner

Another wee dog found wandering at Station Road this time. Caitlin, a local lady has brought him back to her home to keep him safe until the owner can be traced, The small black and white dog was found at 5.30pm this evening in the Village. He doesn’t have a collar. Looking for the owner. […]

Park Lane Lights

With schools returning back tomorrow, Monday 14 April 2019, a little heads up that Park Lane will likely be busier than usual, for the school run to St Josephs Primary. Three way traffic lights are set up at the junction of Park Lane and Station Road and traffic is likely to be slow. To anybody […]

Controversial Parking Plans

Moves are afoot to address parking concerns in Station Road, Blantyre, but the plans won’t be to everybody’s liking. Plans for introducing ‘pay to park’ zones were discussed by South Lanarkshire Council’s Roads Safety Forum on Tuesday 12 March. The scheme is called ‘Residents’ Parking Permit Zones (RPPZ), which is already in place in the […]

Inconsiderate Parking

Parking in Station Road, Blantyre, (or rather the lack of it!) once again hits the local news. KellyAnn McCormick has only just moved to the Village in Blantyre just before Christmas and was shocked that drivers had so little regard for pedestrians. She told us earlier today, “The parking on Station Road for the train […]