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Inconsiderate Parking

Parking in Station Road, Blantyre, (or rather the lack of it!) once again hits the local news. KellyAnn McCormick has only just moved to the Village in Blantyre just before Christmas and was shocked that drivers had so little regard for pedestrians. She told us earlier today, “The parking on Station Road for the train […]

Vehicles Targeted, Blantyre

Multiple cars suffered damage last night as thieves broke into vehicles in Low Blantyre. Residents in both Priory Street and Station Road awoke this morning to find some of their cars with broken windows and items stolen from inside. Even items of little value were taken. The thefts and damage occurred overnight sometime in the […]

Exclusive: Station Road Car Damaged

A parked car was involved in a hit and run incident on Station Road on Friday 19th June 2015. Some ignorant person, smashed completely into a car belonging to local woman, Mary and left her car in this condition. When Mary arrived back from work and disembarked from the train that day, she found somebody had […]