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Instantly unlock the full picture for Blantyre News by accessing all our extra articles. Blantyre News, Alerts, Crime Stories and lots more! Join hundreds of local people using this service to support good causes. Here’s just some of the extra hidden articles you’ll have missed last week if you haven’t yet clicked the “Support Now” […]

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Don’t Miss a Thing! What another busy week it was on our Supporters Group Page. Throughout the last 3 weeks, Blantyre Telegraph ‘Supporters’ have accessed Breaking News, Crime Stories and lots of additional content. If you’re not a Supporter yet, here’s just SOME of the local stories in the last week you’ll have missed!  Another […]

Thefts at Glenfruin Road

Residents in Glenfruin Road have highlighted thefts which took place in their gardens last week. A lawnmower and two heavy plant pots were stolen from gardens on the Blantyre street! The lawnmower went missing sometime last week. A female resident told us, “We’re at Glenfruin Road. Columba Path is across the road and Iona path […]