Blantyre Telegraph Supporters Group

A reminder that Blantyre Telegraph exists for TWO reasons.

  1. To raise money for local good causes, ensuring every penny raised stays within Blantyre to good causes. We retain nothing. Without this happening, there wouldn’t be a page.
  2. To bring you all some local news.

Our Supporters Group get BREAKING news first, exclusive news and heads up. We also report on all roadworks, crime stories and other events, which don’t usually appear on the main, free news page.

Unlock this EXTRA group & get all Blantyre news first, direct to YOUR news feed in our exclusive Supporter’s Group for local good causes. Whole month access for only £1.79. No commitment. Stop – Start anytime and every penny helping local people. Get Instant Access

Supporters are making a tremendous difference to fundraising in Blantyre, which is greatly appreciated by all the people, families and organisations who have benefited so far. With thanks to you all.

Here’s just some of the thousands of extra news articles you’ll have missed recently if you’re not already a Supporter.


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