Blantyre Pit Disaster Story

For those interested, 22nd October will be the 146th Anniversary of the Blantyre Pit Disaster, where that terrible day in 1877, 215 men and boys sadly lost their lives underground. It remains to this day, Scotland’s worst mining disaster.

In remembrance, our sister website, Blantyre Project, throughout every day this month is exclusively telling the story of the disaster in unprecedented researched detail, including for the very first time transcripts of the actual inquiry, with first hand accounts from the miners who survived. Additionally, the life stories of many of the Blantyre miners who died have also been explored. This disaster in one instant wiped out almost 6% of the whole population of Blantyre!

At 7pm daily each evening this month both on Blantyre Projects Facebook page and at, the story of the disaster at High Blantyre will unfold and be remembered with a detail never been seen before on or offline, revealing many new facts and statistics about the disaster, as well as the tragic human story. Illustrated exclusively AI generated images, it promises to be an interesting, moving read.

Blantyre Telegraph has also been working for many weeks on a Project for the Disaster along with third parties and South Lanarkshire Council, details of which will be revealed later this week.


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