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Public Thank You

Faith in humanity and kindness in the community is restored today when we heard of a heartwarming story which took place in Blantyre yesterday. A Blantyre mum and her two young kids were shopping in LIDL this week and by the time her shopping was calculated at the till, to her surprise the rising cost […]

Thank you to Strangers

We’ve received a sensitive message, which may not mean much to most people, but is aimed at two very kind people who were out walking their dog late last night. A Blantyre woman found herself at David Livingstone Bridge last night late on after midnight and has sent in a message wanting to thank the […]

Local Thanks Offered

Lyna Albert contacted us this evening to say, “I would like to say a massive to a young, handsome man who helped me find my way to Bothwell Bridge Hotel. I don’t know who he is but i can say there is still nice and good people in this world. If you’re reading this, I […]