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Tyres Deliberately Punctured

Residents in Highland Avenue, Blantyre awoke this morning, Monday 2nd December 2019 to find that some of their vehicles had been targeted by vandals. Tyres were punctured last night, infuriating vehicle owners and leaving them with bills of hundreds of pounds due to the mindless damage. Vandalism included deliberate puncturing of the tyres of work […]

Vehicles Targeted, Blantyre

Multiple cars suffered damage last night as thieves broke into vehicles in Low Blantyre. Residents in both Priory Street and Station Road awoke this morning to find some of their cars with broken windows and items stolen from inside. Even items of little value were taken. The thefts and damage occurred overnight sometime in the […]

Crime: Vehicle Prowler

A local lady got an unpleasant shock last night, Monday 31st December 2018, when just before the New Year Bells, she witnessed someone trying all car door handles in Ardgour Court and Rannoch Court at Blantyre Industrial Housing Estate. The thief attempting to break into the cars was male and dressed all in black with […]