Exclusive: 2 Weeks until Blantyre Summer Gala

Gala Day Countdown

Gala Day Countdown

The countdown is well and truly underway until thousands of people descend upon David Livingstone Centre grounds, in what is shaping up to the largest Gala day Blantyre has seen for decades. On Saturday 27th June 2015, Blantyre Community Committee and The National Trust team up to host the large outdoor event, which will see a stage with live acts and music, a DJ, magicians, comedians, bands, hot and cold food, a large market, inflatables, the fairground, sports races and a whole host of other exciting things. As well as a colourful Summer Parade and the crowning of the Royal Pageant.

The Committee are sharing another 14 reasons to attend the event over the next fortnight. A large and growing market has been secured, which will make the day a lot more interesting for kids and adults alike.


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