Exclusive: Gala Day Royal Pageant Chosen

bigstock-Cheering-Crowd-25662716With over 70 nominations, ALL the names entered into the Gala Royal Pageant have put into a tin and randomly selected. The 8 lucky children who won the 2015 Blantyre Royal Pageant positions are as follows:

Principle Positions:
Blantyre Gala Queen: LEAH HUNTER
Blantyre Gala King: CORMAC McCRORY

Lady Blantyre: FREYA Mallin
Duke of Blantyre: JOHN CASSIDY
Duchess of Blantyre: LUCY SMITH
Prince of Blantyre: LUKE SMITH
Princess of Blantyre: KACI BLAKELY

All 8 of these lucky children are going to be pampered on the day. They’ll be given tiaras and crowns, a momento of the day, as well as being robed and crowned winners of the Royal Pageant 2015. All they need to do is turn up smartly dressed (shirts boys, dresses girls) and we’ll have limo’s on standby to transport them around Blantyre and to the gala!! Each winning child should be accompanied by an adult. Well done. Some parents have already been in touch, and Blantyre Community Committee looks forward for the remaining parents or guardians to get in contact, regarding further arrangements. Feel free to tag. Thanks.


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