Exclusive: Blantyre sponsors of Alistair Hughes

mo alistair

Alistair and Mo Razzaq outside Family Shopper

Blantyre’s Alistair Hughes of Morven Ave is in America on a wonderful scholarship. The brave 17th year old left on the 10th August 2015, which also happened to be his birthday. He set off for Harcum Collage on a scholarship for soccer and will study sports management.

When he arrived, Alistair sent a note to his proud mum, Mandy. It read, “I’d like to thank Mo and Rukhsana Razzaq for all their help , from doing raffles in their stores (Premier Mo’s & Family Shopper) and helping organize the race night. They have been there every step of the way and have supported me so much , if it wasn’t for there help I wouldn’t be in this position. I hope to make them and the rest of Blantyre proud, Alistair Hughes.”

Mandy told Blantyre Telegraph, “We would also like to thank Mick from the Old Original Bar for the financial support he has given Alistair. It is sincerely appreciated.” Pictured before he left for America is Alistair at Main Street with Mo outside the Family Shopper. A heartwarming story which lets this young man explore his dreams.


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