Blantyre Telegraph August Sales Figures

fundraising_groups1Thank you to everybody who bought our Blantyre Telegraph newspaper in August. We’ve now totalled the sales figure of £195.47 and added it the running total.

Daily Local Blantyre News, with all Monthly Newspaper sales going to local Good Causes.
Latest Summary
£1,820.00 Blantyre Project Book sales
£647.48 Blantyre Project Newsletter sales
£957.36 Blantyre Telegraph Newspaper sales
Latest Total Raised: £3,424.84

A quieter month last month, perhaps due to Summer holidays. Please, PLEASE continue to support the Blantyre Telegraph. Our paper costs just £1 every month, and is a great read crammed full of useful information and interesting topical Blantyre related news. Separate posts will follow showing how the £195.47 will be spent on local causes. Meantime, our next edition is now in shops from TODAY and available to download here


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